Spring is felt in Lake Biwa as the waterfowls passing Winter take flight.
Summer is kept comfortable as the breeze across the lake’s surface cools
the humid air. Autumn brings leaves that color the mountains in breathtaking
hues of red and orange, and winter paints Mt. Ibuki snow white as the
waterfowls return to the lake once again to pass the season.

Situated on the shore of quiet Biwa Lake, Usagiya offers modern amenities
combined with the privacy and bespoke design of a private Japanese lakeside
house. Historically, Imazu served as an Edo-era post town for travelers and
traders on their route to Kyoto and Osaka from the Japan Sea. Now, Usagiya
(in tandem with Fukudaya) once again opens its doors to those searching for
rest and recreation.

From the outdoor deck, take in the sound of the lapping waves alongside
the ever-changing views of Chikubu Island and Mt. Ibuki that shift throughout
the day. At night, the stunning vista of stars can be seen reflected off the lake.

Usagiya offers the ideal retreat to sit back, breathe, and unwind to
the tranquility of nature itself.


Usagiya is a Biwa Lake-side house conveniently located within a few minutes’ walk from Fukudaya and Omi-Imazu train station. While a short distance from the local amenities, the two-story house preserves the serene nature of an exclusive location away from the crowd, allowing a single group of up to four guests to enjoy this getaway.

Imazu flourished as a port post town during the Edo period, welcoming guests across Japan.
To revitalize the area and regain its historical spirit, Usagiya (with Fukudaya) is again opening its door to welcome guests alongside Lake Biwa.


The ground floor holds the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom with two twin beds.
The second floor is a tatami room capable of sleeping two futons if needed. There are baths on both floors with views looking out onto Lake Biwa.


Guests are welcome to use the kitchen, additionally, we are taking reservations for a catered breakfast and dinner five days before arrival.



Half-outdoor bath on the ground floor / Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) wood bath on the second floor / Fridge / Microwave / Kettle /
Induction system kitchen / Kitchenware / Tableware / Safety box / Humidifier / Portable Speaker / Television


Bath towels / Facial towels / Hairdryer / Shampoo / Conditioner / Shower cap / Body soap / Body towel / Toothbrush / Cotton swab set / Shaving set / Pajamas / Yukata / Slippers


There is no on-site staff at Usagiya.
Please call us on 0740-22-0029 if in need of any assistance.

Smoking is not allowed on the premises, including on the wooden porch.

It is a 10-minute walk from Omi Imazu Station. If you are coming from the station,
please take a cab or walk.